Intro to New Media Studies, Spring 2008

porcupine and car??..not really sure

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When I first read this part of Viola’s article I was sure exactly what this story had to do with technology and condominiums. Like someone said in class today Viola’s article was confusing the fact that he had tendencies like McLuhan of jumping around with his ideas. I was going to post about the condominiums and data space, but to be honest I was kind of confused with the whole article in general and hoped our class discussion would relieve me of some this confusion. After Dr. C explained the story of Helen Keller and the Miracle Worker and how she was able to connect things with signs with understanding, the porcupine and the car story made a little more sense. Like many of my posts on here I basically end up babbling about my thoughts and how it relates and don’t really know if any of it really makes sense. The porcupine like most creatures only knows what they are exposed to. So the porcupine stood its ground and was proud because of it because a “car” to him does not exist….ok right now I have no idea where to go with this…maybe we can touch on it again in class on Tuesday.

-p.s. sorry for the late post my internet has been shaky…gotta love the dependability

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