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so being a teacher is harder than it seems

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Since becoming an educator is one possibility for me next year this article was particularly interesting to me. Seeing how one person’s view of education and how it is incapable of functioning as its purpose makes me think deeply about the role of education and society in general.  “The pupil is thereby “schooled” to confuse teaching with learning, grade advancement with education, a diploma with competence, and fluency with the ability to say something new” is one of the first quotes which stuck out to me. Since I’m still a student I understand the importance and necessity of obtaining good grades. I mean without good grades you can’t/aren’t allowed to continue your education. Illich points out how grade advancement basically equals education and students are not worried/concerned with the knowledge they are obtaining but more so with whether or not their grades meet standards and beyond.

The education system and schools seem to be becoming more political and focused on social status. For example, if you are of a certain social status your IQ and education level is assumed. I’m not saying that this is true in all cases or even a majority but if it occurs at all it is wrong. One challenge I will face if I pursue teaching is trying to get my students to think outside the box and not to succumb to idea that grades matter more or that their only goal is to receive a diploma. I did find some of this article to be bogged down with excess information about politics and technicalities which kind of distracted me a bit, but overall the sections I read I agree with Illich. I wanted to write a post but I’m continuing reading and hopefullys ome good discussion will occur in class tomorrow.

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