Intro to New Media Studies, Spring 2008

kimon? where?

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To me this story drew back the argument/discussion our class was having on the Illich article. For people to go to Kimon they must have extensive tests done and pass an IQ test. I found it interesting that there was a quote which said that the government obviously was interested of the evolution of thought. If this is true then why does it seem that this is not the case now a day, but in the story it is because there is a place so exclusive that people strive to get there? Why can’t people strive to “think outside the box” in general? Going back to Illich, yes schooling has become somewhat political but teachers and society need to try to persuade people to want to expand their minds. The concept of censorship on Kimon and how they could control with telepathy what they wanted you to know or hear makes me cringe. Imagine if the government or whatever overruling power could have control with their minds what a persona can or cannot be exposed to. Scary! While reading this story I kept trying to connect it to various articles we have read and new media in general to keep my mind from wandering too much. Like someone posted earlier, it has many levels and many different directions it can go in. so is the purpose of Kimon to create a “higher-level” society rather than measly Earth minded people? Not really sure the purpose of that would be I feel like everyone would be trying to over think each other and therefore create chaos…maybe that’s just me.

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