Intro to New Media Studies, Spring 2008

That Big Ole Web

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This last article got me thinking back to my first experiences with the internet and my family’s first computer– I was ten or eleven when we got a computer in our house for the first time and it was this very mysterious new thing that my dad wouldn’t let me touch for the first several months. I was allowed to play with things like Oregon Trail and Paint but finally I was allowed to go on the Internet and make my own e-mail address. This was such a new and exciting thing for me- I had no idea how important the Internet would become in my life and how often I would be using it for so many different kinds of things.

It’s amazing to think that a few people’s conception of this thing called the World Wide Web could have such an impact on how the world functions, communicates, and learns. The so-called “pool of human knowledge” has grown by leaps and bounds since its early development. It has become so easy to gather and share information, and I don’t think anyone could have predicted that our pool of human knowledge could ever be so enormous and thorough…and it’s still growing! Who knows where the internet will take us in the future and what other developments will arise but I’m excited (and a little scared!) to see what people will come up with.

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