Intro to New Media Studies, Spring 2008

My Final Project (is in the works…)

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My main focus will be on the sinister side of Facebook: namely, the fact that thousands upon thousands of high school and college students are posting practically of their lives, oblivious or dimly aware of the fact that all of their personal information is not only being stored for an indefinite period of time, even after it is ‘deleted,’ but that this information is being sold to future employers, the government, anyone really. I have already found several websites complaining about this phenomenon:

I will of course find much more information on this. I’m working on a way to tie it into our textbook readings, but nothing we’ve read so far seems to fit, so I will flip through and find an appropriate essay.
Although I had heard that employers might check my Facebook, I, along with countless others, was not aware that the so-called “privacy settings” offer us a complete false sense of security: Facebook is a company, ergo primarily concerned with promoting brand names and selling our profiles for money. It is Big Brother thinly disguised as “social networking,” and the brunt of my project will be explaining to the class just how private/public their information truly is.

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