Intro to New Media Studies, Spring 2008

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So yeah, i really liked the first three final projects. Though everyone did a stellar job, though i did have a few things stirred up in my mind.

First of all… the finale project. Yeah finale’s all and good, nice program, but real music masterpieces are made in Mario Paint’s music editor. Since the 90’s SNES era game release, people have improved upon it and brought it back in Rom and other forms, and when people do that awesomething usually happen.

Just to name a few. Things like that are popular these days. Especially taking noises that were never meant to be made into sounds before. It’s related to my project of YTMND. So i’m not ranting i swear!

Moving onto more serious matters. The internet has become a battleground of sorts. Different sites and communities begin to wage war against each other, mostly for fun, sometimes for bragging rights. But is just one of those sites that is targetted by oh so many other websites for… less than PG13 reasons.

On second thought, its really not PG13 like this blog is supposed to stay ;P so i’ll keep these links off the front page. But just remember the internet does have its wars, and while e-claymores may not kill, they sure as hell do a lot of damage to everyone involved.

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