Intro to New Media Studies, Spring 2008

Bravo First Presenters

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I think the first three presentations were a great way to begin the end of this class. I particularly enjoyed the Finale presentation partially because I had just recently been introduced to it and was itching to learn more about how it works.

I was visiting my 87 year-old grandfather a few weeks ago and he was so excited about this new program he had on his computer that he was using to compose hymns. It turns out he had purchased Finale and spent a great deal of time figuring out how to use it, additionally purchasing a keyboard to play directly into the program much like Jeff and Adam did in the presentation Thursday. He had written music for several gospel numbers using Finale and was able to play them back for me to hear. I was so impressed that someone his age who had certainly not been exposed to computers for most of his life was able to fully grasp the computer and Finale and be able to utilize it to its full potential. Just a testament to a.) my grandfather’s impressive persistence and b.) the accessibility of programs like Finale to all age groups and skill levels.

Just thought I’d share : )

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