Intro to New Media Studies, Spring 2008


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well, tomorrow is the last class.  in effect, class has been over since presentations started but whatever.  i must take this time to reflect on what this class has done to me.  it did a number.  talk about a capstone course, it basically was mine.  for the past 5 or 6 years now i have allowed the concepts of the world to sort of infiltrate me and affect change on me.  i have let words be important for a darn long while.  but i havent had an academic kick in the nuts like this since listening to kind of blue when i was 16.  this class made things possible for me.  it gave me the wonderful sensation of having the curtains pulled back.  oh especially us graduating fellows.  we think we know it all, even us crazy people think, look im OPEN TO SUGGESTION OF ANYTHING, pull some tricks.  well, i felt foolish for not knowing this.  the film ‘wargames’ with a very young matthew broderick was on tv yesterday.  early 80s stuff. TALKING ABOUT COMPUTERS, but talking about them the way that we talk about them. computers learning how to learn and them being the wave of the future, this that and the other.  and this seemed fairly mainstream.  why didnt it permeate people.  i know i had to of at least glimpsed some inane movie like that sometime and it didnt make me say, hmm this is possible, but its the same info we talked about in class.  i think that thing that made it click was the context.  mcluhan was right.  if you can see the timeline, if you can just step back, then youll get the big ideas,  as soon as borges’ stories were compared to the internet.  i freaked out because it made sense.  then at that moment history attained a linear progression.  BAM BAM BAM, just like that.  the past made the future make sense.  once again i feel like im five minutes too late, jumpin on this bandwagon or that one or some other one.  I WANT IN AT THE BOTTOM FLOOR< the one that makes me homeless for a year while people catch up.  new media studies made progression even more possible/palpable/necesssary than ever.  the crazy thing is, even though a tremendous amount of people are let into the secret of new media, it still seems like a secret.  i mean good god, things are backwards some places.  in thailand you can only pay your bills in cash but huts have solar panels and the internet, WE CAN DO THINGS HERE PEOPLE.  i want to tell everyone, but that would leave no time for me to learn programming.  i mean i still know so little, i need to learn and there isnt any time, but there is also infinite time.  im gonna get to it, im gonna jump on that train-o-knowledge and start the warpath, start the flaming chariots,  that means i must be off.

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