Intro to New Media Studies, Spring 2008

Day 2, Woot

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I was really impressed with the presenters today, I thought there was a lot of creative and clever stuff going on with research and the “make something” aspect of the assignment. First off, the Amazon presentation was quite well done, I’d never really thought about how important the review function of the website is and how many people really write their opinions about things on the site. But for me, the reviews have definitely come in handy especially when I’m looking at buying something from a private user on the site, I base my choice solely on what previous customers have said about that person and their reliability of service. I also thought it was really cool how many people responded to your new thread on the website, it shows how much of a dedicated community there really is on

I was also interested in the Webkinz presentation because I found it really similar to NeoPets, a website I admittedly used to love at the end of middle school. Unlike Webkinz though, there is no physical pet that initiates your online friend’s new life- I guess maybe you can buy NeoPets stuffed animals, but that’s not a major part of what they’re all about. Basically, you pick your animal species, name it, and then you can earn money for food and clothing and housing by playing games and such. It was pretty addictive. As far as I can remember there wasn’t really a networking portion of the site but I could be wrong. Anyway, it definitely provided a kind of wholesome safe haven for kids on the internet who are too young for MySpace or Facebook. I think that in this age of technology it’s important for kids to be comfortable and familiar with computers, but internet safety is a huge issue and sites for Webkinz and NeoPets are a good way to keep kids safe and get them acquainted with computers at the same time.

Looking forward to the last batch of presentations!

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