Intro to New Media Studies, Spring 2008

Presentation Day 2!

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Again, another GREAT day of presentations.

I really liked the presentation involving… so much information that really gets you thinking about something you may use on a daily basis without even considering its history and purpose! is another example of the myraid ways in which people connect over the internet. 

I also really enjoyed the Webkinz presentation.  Many social sites exist on the internet, and are definitely no place for younger children to be.  It’s great to see that instead of criticizing and wondering what to do about our culture of social networking online and how it affects children, Webkinz is creating a safe place for them to go where they can interact with other people in a moderated form.  Mind you, I’m not forgetting that Webkinz is about money as well, it’s just nice to see a site that addresses and fixes a problem that many see with children interacting with others online. 

Good work all!

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