Intro to New Media Studies, Spring 2008


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Well, I must say, I’m a bit disappointed with the outcome of my presentation, partly because of my delivery, but also because I don’t feel like I adequately demonstrated my creation enough. There are so many cool things about that I could have spent more time on, but didn’t. I can’t say that the presentation was a complete failure from a personal standpoint because the experience in and of itself was great and I learned a lot. Three things I will try to improve for my next presentation during my college career is 1) have more eye contact, 2) to not have a pessimistic outlook after a failure 3) and probably most importantly, stick to the substance and cut out the excess.

With that said, I’ve been very impressed with the rest of the group member’s presentations. A lot of them were very well prepared, confidently executed, and well crafted. Some of the memorable presentations for me were:

*Finale music presentation because one of my hobbies include playing the piano. I have never learned how to read notes or to write music, but I do have a semi-strong ear and can recreate some simple tunes through trial and error. I also have a song I’ve written throughout the years and have no idea on how to go about and creating sheet music. I’m considering buying Finale and possibly learn more about music. I can also create sheet music for my song and release it to the world!

*Gaia presentation because for the longest time my sister has been a big fan of the website and I never understood why. Well, I *gasp* went to and as hard as it is to admit it I’m starting to get addicted to it. Those games, although simple, are surprisingly fun and rewarding, especially because of the gaia gold that you earn. WHY IS VIRTUAL MONEY SO ENDEARING?

* presentation. THAT is how my presentation should have been like. I liked how the presentation focused on the review portion of the website and the video about buying milk was relevant to the topic and very entertaining. It was overall an excellent introduction to the site and even got me interested in starting a store on Amazon. At least I have a model to work off from for my next presentation about (if ever given the opportunity again, that is).

*The presentation on videogames. There’s no explanation really needed for why, other than it was really well written and had a strong direction and flow. The video was funny too, although I gotta say, that song was stuck in my head all day.

If your presentation wasn’t mentioned above, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t like it, it’s just that I could relate more to the four above.

I’d just like to say that I’ve had a great semester and want to thank Dr. Campbell personally for a superb class that was well-worth the money. Hopefully this won’t be the last you’ll hear or see of me. In fact, maybe it won’t be that long at all if I can schedule the Intro to film studies class!

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