Intro to New Media Studies, Spring 2008

Round Two!

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Round Two also featured some very diverse presentations.  We learned about Amazon,, Webkins, video games (2 different approaches), and Ben’s up-and-coming news blog.  I really enjoyed all of the presentations.  They were all very creative and engaging.  The news blog brought up a lot of questions, like how do blogs get away with reporting news with an opinion?  As a staff writer for the Bullet, the co-Editor in Chief of the Battlefield, and a journalism student, the first rule is always to be unbiased.  Opinions lead to lawsuits people!  I guess the rules are different for blogs.  The only thing stopping JuicyCampus from receiving a lawsuit, is that the posters are anonymous.  On a news blog, they aren’t.  The people who run this are going to have to be very moral and watch what they are publishing if they don’t want serious issues to arise.  It could work and it is very interesting.  As a soon to be alumni, I’ll be checking it!

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