Intro to New Media Studies, Spring 2008

World Wide Web

April 30th, 2008 by Jacqui · No Comments

Forgive me for this being so late…I have had A LOT to do! I do not remember when the WWW first made its debut because I was only 6 and still playing outside or something ;-) But I definitely know that the internet was always there for me as I got older. The internet can be good when I need answers or when I am bored…but it is bad when I need to be writing final papers and I am getting sidetracked surfing the web! Fortunately for my grades though I was able to stay disciplined and off the internet. Until now. (dramatic music now). But that is fine by me because I need to blog to boost my blog counts and consequently boost my grade (yippee!) I think the first tool I was using to do research was Encarta when I was in elementary school and middle school. Then after that it was any intellectual site on the web. Which reminds me that the WWW was a life saver for one of my final papers. I found out the topic a couple days before it was due and had other papers to finish so I felt I didn’t have time to stop in at the library. So instead I went to the library site and looked through journals and WA-LA, got everything I needed for them. Like I say, YAY for the internet. I love how the World Wide Web makes everything so much simpler than if we didn’t have it…sure there are millions of sites and only a few may pertain to what you are looking for…but that is the beauty of it – never running out of something to look at. Imagine if there were only a few websites and no more…BORING! Alright everyone, get offline and study or write papers!

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