Intro to New Media Studies, Spring 2008

Presentation Notes

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This is my first bit of commentary on the presentations…I missed the first group because I was visiting Virginia Tech in honor of the shooting that happened last year.  I have to say, though, that the presentations from last Thursday were well done.

 To start, I’d like to say a little about the Webkinz presentation that I worked on with Meredith.  I’m actually really pleased with the way that it turned out.  I think that we flowed together pretty well and seemed to generate some interest within the class about Webkinz World.  I am a little disappointed that we had technical difficulties with our video…but I am glad that we have gotten it up and running.  You can check it out on Youtube here.  I do get a little nervous while doing public speaking and feel that I have spoken more clearly and found a better way to articulate things…but that’s in the past and there’s no need dwelling on that.  I’m still working on it.  Basically, I think that our presentation went pretty well, technical difficulties and all.

I missed almost all of Ben’s presentation because we came in late…I’m not too sure of what to say since I missed all but two minutes of it…I’m sorry!

I thought that Jacqui’s presentation was FANTASTIC! She had very clearly thought a lot about how to present I really liked the forum that she made; I had no idea that amazon was so much of a community.  And I loved the milk video…I’m not really sure if I’d ever pay 30 dollars for a gallon of milk, but it was interesting to hear about it (and that some people actually will).  Lastly, I really appreciated how she really got the class involved in her presentation.  I’m actually considering hitting up amazon more…I’ve been thinking about getting a Kindle (they seem like so much fun!)

Missak’s presentation was interesting as well.  I had never heard of and his presentation told me quite a bit about it.  I think that it’s crazy that you can set up your own online store.  I feel like is kind of like amazon on steroids…it seems to cater to those amazon addicts: they can set up a place for all of the items they are selling…

I thought that Gracie’s video was really cool.  First of all, I love South Park and I mean, who doesn’t love playing the Wii. Every time I play that thing, it gets really intense.  I feel like it truly does take gaming to a whole new level:  it literally puts you into the game.  Because of this, things do get escalated. 

 All in all, I thought that Thursday’s presentations were interesting.  Good job everyone!! 

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