Intro to New Media Studies, Spring 2008

Yeah, it worked!!

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Now that the first try was so successfull, I will share my first podcast with you. I actually made a videopodcast, but I haven’t figured out how to upload anything else but mp3’s. If anyone has experience in that and wants to give me a hint, I’d be really glad. So I just extracted the audiofile for now and turned it into an mp3.

The credits are missing in the audio as they were part of the video. But mainly I am quoting Nelson.

podcast 1

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I decided to try things out a little before continuing working on the project.

To give a little taste, this jingle is going to be the start at all my podcasts:


I am curious if this works out. I did try to install the podcast plugin, but I am not quite sure if it will work, I might have to play around with it a little. Unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to post videopodcasts. Maybe I’ll end up bringing the videocasts to class and figure out the posting of those after my presentation. We will see.

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Hey! I won!

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Yes indeed. I actually won the Mischief Makers contest on Gaia Online! It feels a little odd, but it’s pretty cool. Virtual fame and fortune! You can see the winning entries here: . I chose an “Ancient Katana” item, which is worth hundreds of thousands of Gaia gold. I just think it looks badass.

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Wikinomics One

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Thinking about the power of the ordinary person makes me feel empowered.  I’m seeing connections in Wikinomics and Buddhism.  There has been such a lock for so long on the power of the individual and the power inherent and guaranteed to the singular.  Granted, singularity provides one a clear voice and a regularity traceable to a closed and definable source, but from the singularity comes the deception and illusion of isolation and completely solitary creation. 

     Instead, what has always looked like singularity has really just been the filtration of the masses into a single pen or tongue.  Whereas many have always provided the guidance, teaching, inspiration and background for creation, only one gets credit for the end result.  I think what the peer movement is all about is returning credit to the common.  It’s about non-sanction, it’s about peers.  It’s no longer about money or singular claim and fortune.  It’s about progress, innovation and fruition, by whatever means necessary and available.

     I’m seeing connections with this thinking process and the Buddhist readings I’ve been getting into lately.  They share the common, disparate act of losing the ego, or losing the conceived ‘one-ness’ that has penetrated and egged on or collaborative stillness.  What happens when you give up the ego?  You give up the walls of the ego, the invisible but pressing bindings the tininess of singularity calls for.  When you lose the ego, you shatter the walls that hold you in, and you find yourself yearning and screaming for connection.

     Not only can the loss of ego force you to extend beyond yourself, it causes you to really become part of something extraordinary.  The ego is so limiting – the collective is where true power and insight can evolve into something larger than ourselves.

     There are, of course, people who don’t find such change and evolution as a good thing.  

“Composer Jaron Lanier worries that collaborative communities represent a new form of “online collectivism” that is suffocating authentic voices in a muddled and anonymous tide of mass mediocrity.”  (Wikinomics, Tapscott & Williams.  p. 16)  

     The fear here is a result of the beaming ego and the dynamics Western humans have always placed upon the power of creation and identity.  The problem I have with Lanier’s view is two-fold.  First, I’m not entirely sure that the authentic voice is something real.  I’ve recently completed a research project on the ‘voice’ of composerAaron Copland.  What I’ve realized is that the voice is more limiting and burdensome than valuable.  

     I may detail this in a later post, but to put it into a nutshell: The voice has two defining features.  The first is that it allows the listener to instantaneously identify and isolate the music of a singular composer.  The second is that is forces the listener to instantaneously identify and isolate the music of a singular composer.  While it is good from a commercial and education standpoint, from an artistic standpoint, it is a death-knell.

    To get back to the quote, Lanier laments that the collective is inherently stupider and less creative than the singular.  I’m not sure where he gathers his data.  The truth is that when many people start creating in the same medium, there will be a swelling influx of media.  If more people have access to free and easy music-creation software, it follows that more people will create music.  This means that the ‘market’ (blogs, online-stores, music forums) will see a tidal wave of new content, most of it muddle by commercial standards.  

    But as stated before, it’s not all about money anymore.  As people realize that they can share their creations with each other, and even begin to collaborate, connections emerge, excitement over a medium skyrockets, and people become invested, fiscally and emotionally.  What started initially as a venture to give people the tools to become creators, they become customers to a wide range of new products, including higher-quality music software, instruments, marketing tools, etc.  

     There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to mass sharing, collective creation and the loss of the ego.  I’ve just started reading the book ‘Wikinomics’, and it’s kickstarted an inner dialogue.  I really think there’s something important in all of this – I see the future of my generation as being the first to really get the chance to innovate on a global and free scale.  And it’s damn exciting.

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I know this is supposed to go on the Wiki..but to be honest, I have no idea how to do it! So I’m posting it here and then I’ll add it to the wiki when I figure it out )

As technology advances, huge strides are being made in the video game industry with games like Wii Sports, Madden 2008, and Guitar Hero 3. Players are becoming less like a player of a game in front of a television and more like they are the tennis pro, the football star with the shoe contract or the rock star rocking out on stage.

In 1968, Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider had an unusual vision of human/computer coexistence. In a statement, found on page 73 of our textbook, he said, “In a few years, men will be able to communicate more effectively through a machine than face to face.” The books goes on to say that Licklider and his partner offered an example where they were able to accomplish something in two days that would usually have taken two weeks, just by using a computer. It looks like Licklider was right.

Lets take the new Nintendo Wii for instance. My roommate recently got one and so I was able to observe man-computer symbiosis first hand. In real life, what would take you months to master, such as playing tennis or rocking out on the guitar, only takes a few games on the Wii. After two games, you are starting to learn the way tennis is scored and your backhand is improving. After about five songs using three notes on Guitar Hero, you can push it up to using four and then five. It isn’t always easy, however, which shows the real man-computer symbiosis that goes on.

My boyfriend happens to be an amazing bowler. He can do this thing where his ball will ride right on the edge of the lane, about a cm from the gutter, and then right before it gets to the pins it curves and takes them all down resulting in a strike. Well, it turns out that those skills can be translated into Wii Bowling. He is able to do the same maneuver and nail down strikes.

On the other hand, I am a horrible bowler. Just absolutely awful. Turns out, I’m just as bad at Wii Bowling as I am at real bowling. My non-existent bowling skills transfer into the game.

“The computer is not merely a tool used to accomplish tasks,” said Sherry Turkel, “but an object that enters our individual and social lives; how we interact with computers influences our outlook on the world and our perspective on ourselves.”

Its no big secret that everyone wants to feel like a winner. Maybe this is why boys are so big on Madden. No one wants to be the loser which brings in trash-talk, ridicule and maybe even a little shame. The person losing gets frustrated and usually throws a fit, cursing and blaming their poor playing on the player. Madden ‘08 is based strictly off of the players and teams statistics from the previous season so to blame it on the virtual player is really displacing the blame from the person operating the controller. After all, who is a Madden player when compared to a Pro-NFL player featured on the game? Its like comparing pee wee league with high school varsity. They don’t compare. The player complains because they are “immersed in the game” as Turkle mentions on page 505. They want the “promise of perfection.” When they fail to be perfect, they respond with frustration and anger.
The Wii allows the player to further identify with the game and become immersed in it due to the creation of a Mii. The Mii is a highly customizable character that can be made to resemble yourself. My mii is slightly short with brown hair and green eyes. She’s me, but virtual. So when I’m operating her, and she’s losing at tennis, I’m losing at tennis. Turkle, on page 509, states, “You have to do more than identify with the character on the screen. You must act for it.” With the creation of your mii, it is impossible to not identify with the character on the screen, especially when your movements are her movements. If your eye-and coordination is horrible, then hers is too. It is actually kind of creepy to think about in depth, but it is also very cool.

Bad things can happen when you identify too closely and are too immersed in the game. Last year, a Chinese man actually died after a three day session of gaming. Before that, two parents left a baby alone for hours when they became immersed in World of Warcraft. The infant did not survive. Stanford recently did a study on Video game addiction and found that men are more likely to become addicted to games.

“New research from Stanford scientists shows that the part of the brain associated with reward and addiction was more activated in males than in females when both genders played a game whose object was to acquire more territory,” reported Zerg Watch, a site devoted strictly to gaming news. “Most computer games that males like to play involve territory and aggression, explaining why men seem more likely to get hooked.”

Some signs of video game addiction are: Preoccupation with the game, tolerance, loss of control, withdrawal systems when not playing, lying to family or friends about time spent playing, committing illegal acts to keep playing, relying on others to finance playing. Video game addiction is now serious enough to have rehab programs which focus solely on the addiction. There is a center in Amsterdam which offers residential treatment. There are also online treatment programs, kind of ironic, and programs at McLean Hospital in Massachusettes and in Richmond, Canada.

For some, gaming can be good. I know lots of us are in the camp of, “Get outside, play there” but what happens when its raining? With games, you can be playing your sports while indoors. Most gamers get the same adrenaline rush from scoring a goal with a controller that they get from scoring a goal with their foot. With Wii, you could even score the goal with your foot. Something else positive, is that with games like Wii sports, a handicapped or paraplegic person is not limited by their disabilities. They can walk, run, bowl, play tennis, box, etc. just like the rest of us. Plus, games are being used for the elderly, for children with education and as a way of losing weight. Doesn’t that make games worthwhile alone?

To show some examples of what I’ve talked about, I’ve videotaped some friends gaming. Let’s observe…

Ahh! My video won’t post so I’ll try to Youtube it!!!

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I thought this was really interesting. Take a look…

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Round Two!

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Round Two also featured some very diverse presentations.  We learned about Amazon,, Webkins, video games (2 different approaches), and Ben’s up-and-coming news blog.  I really enjoyed all of the presentations.  They were all very creative and engaging.  The news blog brought up a lot of questions, like how do blogs get away with reporting news with an opinion?  As a staff writer for the Bullet, the co-Editor in Chief of the Battlefield, and a journalism student, the first rule is always to be unbiased.  Opinions lead to lawsuits people!  I guess the rules are different for blogs.  The only thing stopping JuicyCampus from receiving a lawsuit, is that the posters are anonymous.  On a news blog, they aren’t.  The people who run this are going to have to be very moral and watch what they are publishing if they don’t want serious issues to arise.  It could work and it is very interesting.  As a soon to be alumni, I’ll be checking it!

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Presenters…Round One

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I have to say that I loved all of the presentations during Round One.  They were all very different and you could tell that every group chose to present on something that they were interested in.  I really liked learning about where you can create your own social network.  It was very interesting to not only hear about the program but also to see it put into action with the D3 Lacrosse network.  I also liked the music program used by Adam’s group.  It was very interesting to see how a person could use the program to make compositions and to even make their own sheet music.  I also liked learning about  It really cleared up my question about why the rock was painted like that and it was also very interesting to see how it works.  Great presentations Round One!

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Well, I must say, I’m a bit disappointed with the outcome of my presentation, partly because of my delivery, but also because I don’t feel like I adequately demonstrated my creation enough. There are so many cool things about that I could have spent more time on, but didn’t. I can’t say that the presentation was a complete failure from a personal standpoint because the experience in and of itself was great and I learned a lot. Three things I will try to improve for my next presentation during my college career is 1) have more eye contact, 2) to not have a pessimistic outlook after a failure 3) and probably most importantly, stick to the substance and cut out the excess.

With that said, I’ve been very impressed with the rest of the group member’s presentations. A lot of them were very well prepared, confidently executed, and well crafted. Some of the memorable presentations for me were:

*Finale music presentation because one of my hobbies include playing the piano. I have never learned how to read notes or to write music, but I do have a semi-strong ear and can recreate some simple tunes through trial and error. I also have a song I’ve written throughout the years and have no idea on how to go about and creating sheet music. I’m considering buying Finale and possibly learn more about music. I can also create sheet music for my song and release it to the world!

*Gaia presentation because for the longest time my sister has been a big fan of the website and I never understood why. Well, I *gasp* went to and as hard as it is to admit it I’m starting to get addicted to it. Those games, although simple, are surprisingly fun and rewarding, especially because of the gaia gold that you earn. WHY IS VIRTUAL MONEY SO ENDEARING?

* presentation. THAT is how my presentation should have been like. I liked how the presentation focused on the review portion of the website and the video about buying milk was relevant to the topic and very entertaining. It was overall an excellent introduction to the site and even got me interested in starting a store on Amazon. At least I have a model to work off from for my next presentation about (if ever given the opportunity again, that is).

*The presentation on videogames. There’s no explanation really needed for why, other than it was really well written and had a strong direction and flow. The video was funny too, although I gotta say, that song was stuck in my head all day.

If your presentation wasn’t mentioned above, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t like it, it’s just that I could relate more to the four above.

I’d just like to say that I’ve had a great semester and want to thank Dr. Campbell personally for a superb class that was well-worth the money. Hopefully this won’t be the last you’ll hear or see of me. In fact, maybe it won’t be that long at all if I can schedule the Intro to film studies class!

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Day 2, Woot

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I was really impressed with the presenters today, I thought there was a lot of creative and clever stuff going on with research and the “make something” aspect of the assignment. First off, the Amazon presentation was quite well done, I’d never really thought about how important the review function of the website is and how many people really write their opinions about things on the site. But for me, the reviews have definitely come in handy especially when I’m looking at buying something from a private user on the site, I base my choice solely on what previous customers have said about that person and their reliability of service. I also thought it was really cool how many people responded to your new thread on the website, it shows how much of a dedicated community there really is on

I was also interested in the Webkinz presentation because I found it really similar to NeoPets, a website I admittedly used to love at the end of middle school. Unlike Webkinz though, there is no physical pet that initiates your online friend’s new life- I guess maybe you can buy NeoPets stuffed animals, but that’s not a major part of what they’re all about. Basically, you pick your animal species, name it, and then you can earn money for food and clothing and housing by playing games and such. It was pretty addictive. As far as I can remember there wasn’t really a networking portion of the site but I could be wrong. Anyway, it definitely provided a kind of wholesome safe haven for kids on the internet who are too young for MySpace or Facebook. I think that in this age of technology it’s important for kids to be comfortable and familiar with computers, but internet safety is a huge issue and sites for Webkinz and NeoPets are a good way to keep kids safe and get them acquainted with computers at the same time.

Looking forward to the last batch of presentations!

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Presentation Day 2!

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Again, another GREAT day of presentations.

I really liked the presentation involving… so much information that really gets you thinking about something you may use on a daily basis without even considering its history and purpose! is another example of the myraid ways in which people connect over the internet. 

I also really enjoyed the Webkinz presentation.  Many social sites exist on the internet, and are definitely no place for younger children to be.  It’s great to see that instead of criticizing and wondering what to do about our culture of social networking online and how it affects children, Webkinz is creating a safe place for them to go where they can interact with other people in a moderated form.  Mind you, I’m not forgetting that Webkinz is about money as well, it’s just nice to see a site that addresses and fixes a problem that many see with children interacting with others online. 

Good work all!

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Random Notes

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Just wanted to congratulate (albeit a bit late) those who presented last Thursday–I found all of your findings very interesting!

I’d never heard, so I was impressed with the way you created a network and got so many members. I’ve never been much for social networking sites, so hearing about them in general was kind of interesting, because I’d never really thought about them and their potential uses before.  Similarly, the presentation on Gaia was interesting, because it seemed almost like a social-network-meets-Second-Life thing, which seems to open up all sorts of interesting possibilities.  Then I wondered about where in such a venue you draw the line between the actual you and the created/avatar/whatever you . . . Maybe I’m still not sure how all that works.

Finale was especially intriguing to me, as someone who’s pretty much resigned herself to never writing a song.  This program, however, made me think that maybe I could.  Not a very good song, probably, but, hey, I can read music, I can tell whether or not I like how something sounds, and if I can simulate various instruments, I no longer face the issue of “I can’t play the oboe/violin/guitar/etc.”  I wonder now how many people have been able to tinker with the program to produce passably listen-to-able little ditties that they otherwise would probably not have.  (Or even actual, good, full-out pieces.)  Since you can compose a piece that no human can possibly play, is there then the danger that computers will someday eclipse human musicians?  Or are more humanly-possible pieces also easier to listen to, as well as play?  When you look at how much music has evolved and branched out in the last century alone . . .

Anyway, those are just some notes for now.

Good luck to everyone going tomorrow!  (Or, technically, later today.  In less than six hours, actually.  Which means I should get some sleep.)

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well, tomorrow is the last class.  in effect, class has been over since presentations started but whatever.  i must take this time to reflect on what this class has done to me.  it did a number.  talk about a capstone course, it basically was mine.  for the past 5 or 6 years now i have allowed the concepts of the world to sort of infiltrate me and affect change on me.  i have let words be important for a darn long while.  but i havent had an academic kick in the nuts like this since listening to kind of blue when i was 16.  this class made things possible for me.  it gave me the wonderful sensation of having the curtains pulled back.  oh especially us graduating fellows.  we think we know it all, even us crazy people think, look im OPEN TO SUGGESTION OF ANYTHING, pull some tricks.  well, i felt foolish for not knowing this.  the film ‘wargames’ with a very young matthew broderick was on tv yesterday.  early 80s stuff. TALKING ABOUT COMPUTERS, but talking about them the way that we talk about them. computers learning how to learn and them being the wave of the future, this that and the other.  and this seemed fairly mainstream.  why didnt it permeate people.  i know i had to of at least glimpsed some inane movie like that sometime and it didnt make me say, hmm this is possible, but its the same info we talked about in class.  i think that thing that made it click was the context.  mcluhan was right.  if you can see the timeline, if you can just step back, then youll get the big ideas,  as soon as borges’ stories were compared to the internet.  i freaked out because it made sense.  then at that moment history attained a linear progression.  BAM BAM BAM, just like that.  the past made the future make sense.  once again i feel like im five minutes too late, jumpin on this bandwagon or that one or some other one.  I WANT IN AT THE BOTTOM FLOOR< the one that makes me homeless for a year while people catch up.  new media studies made progression even more possible/palpable/necesssary than ever.  the crazy thing is, even though a tremendous amount of people are let into the secret of new media, it still seems like a secret.  i mean good god, things are backwards some places.  in thailand you can only pay your bills in cash but huts have solar panels and the internet, WE CAN DO THINGS HERE PEOPLE.  i want to tell everyone, but that would leave no time for me to learn programming.  i mean i still know so little, i need to learn and there isnt any time, but there is also infinite time.  im gonna get to it, im gonna jump on that train-o-knowledge and start the warpath, start the flaming chariots,  that means i must be off.

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For Reverend…whoever you are

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To satisfy those inquiring minds, I’ll attempt to post the video project on this blog. I have no idea if it’s going to work since the UMW internet moves at a glacial pace. Cross your fingers!

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The Terror Inflicted by “Something”

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It’s 1:02 AM and I just finished putting the final touches on my and Kate’s “something” to put out into the void. It’s a public service announcement that I crafted using Windows Movie Maker and a trial version of CaptureWiz. I have to admit, I was terrified when I heard the parameters for the project. “Make something” – what is that about? I’ve spent my college career with professors who put 6 pages of grammar instructions for writing in the Coursepack, and handed out multi-page instruction manuals for projects. Things had to be the way they wanted it, just so or certain failure. Oddly enough, I never felt closer to failure than I did at the idea of this “something” project. There  were no bread crumbs to keep me from wandering into assignment oblivion. Before, as long as I followed the project manifesto I knew it was going to be alright. Now, what the heck was I going to do? I came to college for this? …And then I remembered. I did. Finally, in my last semester of my last year of college I was truly challenged to imagine on my own, without major limitations. The training wheels were off. So, upon the completion of my special “something,” I’d like to thank Dr. Campbell and the entire NMS class this semester. I hope my video makes you stop and think – and who knows? Maybe this video, which I’d never have made otherwise, will actually make a difference to someone, somewhere, somehow.

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Bravo First Presenters

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I think the first three presentations were a great way to begin the end of this class. I particularly enjoyed the Finale presentation partially because I had just recently been introduced to it and was itching to learn more about how it works.

I was visiting my 87 year-old grandfather a few weeks ago and he was so excited about this new program he had on his computer that he was using to compose hymns. It turns out he had purchased Finale and spent a great deal of time figuring out how to use it, additionally purchasing a keyboard to play directly into the program much like Jeff and Adam did in the presentation Thursday. He had written music for several gospel numbers using Finale and was able to play them back for me to hear. I was so impressed that someone his age who had certainly not been exposed to computers for most of his life was able to fully grasp the computer and Finale and be able to utilize it to its full potential. Just a testament to a.) my grandfather’s impressive persistence and b.) the accessibility of programs like Finale to all age groups and skill levels.

Just thought I’d share : )

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Presentations from Thursday

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I, too, thought the presentations on Thursday started out on the right foot. The Finale presentation really did a great job of starting off slowly by explaining the music terms, and without that I would have been completely lost. Though it is not surprising, since I am not very musically involved, that I had never heard of Finale but it was very interesting to learn about! The Gaia online presentation was not only interesting because I had never heard of it before, but also because the video showed our rock!

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Final projects: ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A

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So yeah, i really liked the first three final projects. Though everyone did a stellar job, though i did have a few things stirred up in my mind.

First of all… the finale project. Yeah finale’s all and good, nice program, but real music masterpieces are made in Mario Paint’s music editor. Since the 90’s SNES era game release, people have improved upon it and brought it back in Rom and other forms, and when people do that awesomething usually happen.

Just to name a few. Things like that are popular these days. Especially taking noises that were never meant to be made into sounds before. It’s related to my project of YTMND. So i’m not ranting i swear!

Moving onto more serious matters. The internet has become a battleground of sorts. Different sites and communities begin to wage war against each other, mostly for fun, sometimes for bragging rights. But is just one of those sites that is targetted by oh so many other websites for… less than PG13 reasons.

On second thought, its really not PG13 like this blog is supposed to stay ;P so i’ll keep these links off the front page. But just remember the internet does have its wars, and while e-claymores may not kill, they sure as hell do a lot of damage to everyone involved.

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Ever wonder what it would be like with no internet?

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Attention: All New Media Studies students in Dr. C’s class MUST watch this absolutely hilarious scene from South Park. I don’t know whether or not I should warn you guys or not, considering you’re all college students, but what hel….heck…there’s mild language.

What do you guys think? Is it over-exaggerated, or do you think our reaction would be similar?  Humor aside, I think the South Park writers have hit the nail on the head in terms of the chaos that would ensue based on the lack of internet access.  Quite possibly the most genius line ever: “Don’t you get it?! There’s no internet to find out why there’s no internet!” Hilarious!

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My Final Project (is in the works…)

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My main focus will be on the sinister side of Facebook: namely, the fact that thousands upon thousands of high school and college students are posting practically of their lives, oblivious or dimly aware of the fact that all of their personal information is not only being stored for an indefinite period of time, even after it is ‘deleted,’ but that this information is being sold to future employers, the government, anyone really. I have already found several websites complaining about this phenomenon:

I will of course find much more information on this. I’m working on a way to tie it into our textbook readings, but nothing we’ve read so far seems to fit, so I will flip through and find an appropriate essay.
Although I had heard that employers might check my Facebook, I, along with countless others, was not aware that the so-called “privacy settings” offer us a complete false sense of security: Facebook is a company, ergo primarily concerned with promoting brand names and selling our profiles for money. It is Big Brother thinly disguised as “social networking,” and the brunt of my project will be explaining to the class just how private/public their information truly is.

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